19 May 2008

Another blow

Since I was kid I dreamed of becoming the astronaut. Today I got another blow.
Right now there is an opening for the job at ESA, and guess what?
I have wrong nationality.
I do tick all other boxes and that makes me even more bitter.


Bree said...

Aww thats sad to hear. Especially when you have everything they were looking for.

Darwi said...

Ah, I do not have the citizenship. This line of work is still heavily influenced by politic, so correct citizenship is one of the really important things.
I was really disappointed, but life is continuing and I have no plans to end it.

Anonymous said...

What about NASA? Hopefully the U.S. is a more inclusive and welcoming place. That is the core of United States of America, beneath what the government do, beneath the image or "brand" that U.S. projects, it is a place of the people, by the people, for the people to the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the following websites and see if you have the qualification for working at NASA or becoming an astronaut:



Darwi said...

Hi, Passionate believer, I know about that site and I did looked at it long time ago. And again the problem is a visa, working permission and some special clearance I need to get in order to work with the equipment which USA army consider as a security risk. Also after September 11, security measurements are increased in the USA making much harder for the foreigners to get a job there. One really needs to weight are all those troubles worthy. And considering that USA has at the moment rather severe financial crisis, they are not. If situation changes than sure, I will try. But not if USA economy continues to fall....